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The old tin shed early 50's

Our History

The birth of the Club is shaded in the anecdotes of the old members and to get down to personalities may lead to the missing of worthy characters. Suffice to say that many old members, including members of the present day executive, took a hand in the original foundation of the Club.

Spurred on by the success of the Wangi Club, it was decided to form a Dora Creek Workers Club. Like most working class organisations there was a complete lack of capital. However there was no lack of working class initiative. The formalities of democratic administration were seen to as also were the informalities of raising the necessary capital.

From 1955 onwards things started to move. “Thommo’s” shed became the venue for meetings and the formalities and the informalities of the Club affairs became blended to give to this Club a friendly down-to-earth outlook which is still evident to this day.

The old shed under the Oaks became as well respected as the Hotel Australia. It was primitive and it was crude, but its aims were purely communal, and because of this communal spirit it was bound to succeed. Mateship and a common cause allowed the spark that was kindled to be formed into a flame.

In 1958 the capital of nothing had been changed, and the Club was able to take out its license, and move into its own properly constructed club house.

New club house and property early 60's

The Club at this stage had assets of over $100,000.00. However, it is not the cast value of the capital that is most important. What is important is that the spirit of mateship which was so evident in the clubs beginning has left its mark in the club and it is the spirit of rugged Australian mateship and its rough but sympathetic brand of democracy that is the most precious asset that this club possesses. Courtesy of Geoff Giles

Club house and property 2000

Throughout the years many physical changes have occurred to the Club, mainly in the shape of add ons, the Club’s face and indeed comfort levels have changed to meet the modern day facility needs. Though not huge in size for a Club, the physical attributes blend in to compliment the magnificent associated sporting field and bowls green.

A strong support for and development of sub sporting and activity Clubs gives an atmosphere of participation and healthy activity to compliment a will to be successful.

Without doubt, the strongest assets this Club has been handed down from those very early days in1955 when friendship and mate ship were the corner stones and foundation of this great Club.

Throughout the Club industry Dora Creek Workers Club has and is known as the ‘Friendly Club’, coming from a fabulous dedicated staff, strong and positive leadership from management and the Board. Courtesy of Arnold Tammekand.

Dora Creek Workers along with many clubs throughout NSW are upgrading their premises to cope with new anti smoking laws which comes into effect early July 2007. As we take another step into the future the club is running on schedule as work has already started on this $250,000 extension and is due to be finished, subject to weather, within the next 10 weeks.

2005 New front Portico
New outdoor smoking area

We have been guided by some of the best architects to keep up with current standards and make this another area as comfortable for the smokers as we have tried in the past for the non smokers. Outdoor heaters will be fitted for the colder months and boasts a comfortable outdoors envioroment with a fountain and fish pond with a decor of plants to set it off.

This outdoor area has been open since July 2007 with unique cane furniture and electric doors giving the patrons easy access to and from. Since the opening there has been no problems with smokers lighting up in the club as they, along with non smokers, enjoy the outside deck which has been complimented from many visitors from all over the globe.