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Mr Reginald and Mrs Eileen Long

On behalf of Dora Creek Women’s Bowling Club (February 2015)

I had the honour of sitting down with Reg for a interview, I must say it was the most enjoyable interview I could ever have hoped for.

You can down and read the full interview here


2014 ~ 15 Executive & Committee Members

  • President :   Dawn Grace
  • Secretary :   Maria Hopwood
  • Treasurer :   Margaret Hardy
  • Vice Presidents :   Eileen Long & Shirley Holman
  • Match Committee :   Margaret Cooper, Annette Clarke, Lorraine McEwen & Frances Heaton.
  • Selectors :   Eileen Long [Independant] Margaret Hardy [Coach] & Margaret Cooper [Match Committee Chairperson]
  • Purchasing Officer :   Eileen Long
  • Social Committee :   Janice Cherry, Veronica Biggs, Frances Heaton & Marie Welsh.
  • Delegates To LMDWBA :   Maria Hopwood & Shirley Holman.
  • Publicity Officer :   Veronica Biggs & Annette Clarke.
  • Historian :    Maria Hopwood
  • Sponsorship Sub-Committee :   Margaret Hardy
  • Coach :   Margaret Hardy
  • Life Member :   Eileen Long
  • Patron :   Eileen Long

2014 Club Champions

Minor Singles :    Winner             Marie MacBeth

                                  Runner Up          Veronica Biggs

Major Singles :    Winner             Margaret Cooper

                                  Runner Up          Shirley Holman

Pairs :                   Winners           Marie MacBeth (L)

                                                             Margaret Cooper (S)

                                  Runners Up        Cheryl Hoban (L)

                                                             Lorraine McEwen (S)

Triples :                Winners              Veronica Biggs (L)

                                                             Margaret Hardy (2nd)

                                                             Dawn Grace (S)

                                  Runners Up        Dee Wyte (L)

                                                             Frances Heaton (2nd)

                                                             Della Davies (S)

Mixed Pairs :       Winners           Cheryl Hoban (L)

                                                             Allan Webber (S)

                                  Runners Up        Margaret Hardy (L)

                                                             John Hardy (S)

Nan Lane Consistancy

                              Winner               Shirley Holman

                                   Runner Up         Maree MacBeth           

Thelma Downey Shield

                            Winners           Cecilia Todd (L)

                                                             Margaret Cooper (S)

                                 Runners Up         Ivone McMulle (L)

                                                             Lyn Bridson (S)

Mixed Triples      Winners              Margaret Cooper (L)

                                                             Bob Warner (2ND)    

                                                             Errol Lind (S)

                                 Runners Up         Cheryl Hoban (L)

                                                             Timothy Thornton (2ND)

                                                             Ross Hoban (S)





2015 Special Events

  • Morning Tea 9.00 am
  • Bowls Games Commence at 9.30 am
  • $12 per head includes game and lunch

Red Heart Charity Game - 1st June  -  Ladies Only


Oncology Charity Day  -  24th August  -  Ladies Only


Patrons Day  -  19th October  -  Ladies Only


ChristmaInvitation4'- 7th December - Ladies Only


Womens Bowls NSW Dress Code Applies


Christmas Dress  -  No Singlet Tops


All games are played under the B.A. Laws of Sport Bowls

(crystal mark)


Contact Margaret Cooper (Match Committee Chairperson)

4973 4223 to Register your team.






New Members Welcome

Coaching for all new members is ...

Every Tueday afternoon at 1.00 P.M.





Results For Monday 2nd February 2015

Winners :  

D. Grace, R. Hopwood & R. Rayfield

Runners Up :

M. Cooper, P. Lewer & F. Heaton


Results For Wednesday 4th February 2015

Winners :

J. Kerr, M. leech & M. Hardy.

Runners Up :

L. Idels, B. Rogers & C. Stevenson.

Results for Wednesday 11th February 2015

Winners :

M. Bolland, C. Todd & W. White.

Runners Up :

S. Holman, B. Welsh & E. Leech.

Results for Monday 16th February 2015

Winners:  M. Welch, R. Long and M. Hopwood

Runners Up :  B. Rogers, T. Rayfield and M. Cooper.

Results for Wednesday 18th February 2015

Winners :  J. Woodland, J. Biggs and S. Holman

Runners Up :  B. Collins, M. Bolland and M. Warner

Results for Wednesday 25th February 2015

Winners:  R. Rayfield, D. Grace and M. White

Runners Up :  T. Rayfield, A. Clarke and B. Welsh.

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